/ˈlɛvəl / (say 'levuhl)

1. having no part higher than another; having an even surface.
2. being in a plane parallel to the plane of the horizon; horizontal.
3. on an equality, as one thing with another, or two or more things with one another.
4. even, equable, or uniform.
5. mentally well-balanced: a level head.
6. a device used for determining, or adjusting something to, a horizontal surface.
7. such a device consisting of a glass tube containing alcohol or ether with a movable bubble which when in the centre indicates horizontalness.
8. a surveying instrument combining such a device with a mounted telescope.
9. a measuring of differences in elevation with such an instrument.
10. an imaginary line or surface everywhere perpendicular to the plumbline.
11. the horizontal line or plane in which anything is situated, with regard to its elevation.
12. level position or condition.
13. a level tract of land, or an extent of country approximately horizontal and unbroken by irregularities.
14. a level or flat surface.
15. one of various positions with respect to height; a height: the water rose to a level of ten metres.
16. a measure of the density of a rainforest: seven-level forest (very dense).
17. Mining a depth at which tunnelling for gold, opal, etc., might take place.
18. a position or plane, high or low: acting on the level of amateurs.
verb (levelled or, US, leveled, levelling or, US, leveling)
verb (t)
19. to make (a surface) level or even: to level ground before building.
20. to raise or lower to a particular level, or position.
21. to bring (something) to the level of the ground: the city was levelled by one atomic bomb.
22. to knock down, as a person.
23. to bring (two or more things) to an equality of status, condition, etc.
24. to make even or uniform, as colouring.
25. to aim or point at a mark, as a weapon, criticism, etc.
26. to turn (looks, etc.) in a particular direction.
27. Surveying to find the relative elevation of different points in (land) as with a level.
verb (i)
28. Also, level out. to arrive at a common level; stabilise: food prices levelled last quarter.
29. to aim a weapon, etc.
30. Surveying to take levels; use a level.
31. Aeronautics to fly at a constant height.
32. in a level, direct, or even way or line.
33. find one's level, to find the most suitable place for oneself, especially with regard to the people around: she found her level among the older students.
34. level with, to be frank or honest with: let me level with you.
35. one's level best, Colloquial one's very best; one's utmost. {Phrase Origin: US slang; derived from level in the sense of `honest'}
36. on the level, Colloquial sincere; honest. {Phrase Origin: from US underworld slang; from the figurative use of the carpentry expression indicating that a horizontal line is true}
{Middle English livel, from Old French, from Latin lībella, diminutive of lībra a balance, level}
levelly, adverb
levelness, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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